Kaapse Klopse in Cape Town, South Africa

A new dawn awakens a new year. The year gone passed saw an end to a great leader. A man that not only led the country into a new phase of transformation, but one whom also acted as a model for change and equality worldwide. Beneath the shadows of Signal Hill and the rising sun of a new year, the colourful slanted houses of Bo Kaap, the Malay Quarter of Cape Town come to life. Tubas and saxophones are polished. Boerewors sausages sizzle on makeshift braais and grills. Scarves are wrapped over freshly washed hair. Glitter and face paint is splashed onto youthful faces in a similar style to the colourful rows of houses in the neighbourhood. An armband sits firmly on the biceps of men, women and children preparing for the parade. On the band is the face of a man that is mourned through every corner of South Africa. Madiba.